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Re: Online Developer Meeting - Tuesday October 27 @ 18:00 UTC

From: Markus Mützel
Subject: Re: Online Developer Meeting - Tuesday October 27 @ 18:00 UTC
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 08:29:24 +0200

Am 23. Oktober 2020 um 07:34 Uhr schrieb "John W. Eaton":
> Join us for another semi-formal meeting of Octave developers next 
> Tuesday October 27 at 18:00 UTC. If I’m getting the time zones right, 
> that is 11:00 Pacific / 14:00 Eastern in the US, 20:00 in Central Europe 
> and 3:00 in Japan (Wednesday).
> I intend to use Jitsi for the meeting and will post a URL here and also 
> to the IRC channel and the maintainers mailing list an hour or so before 
> the meeting begins.
> We’ll mostly be discussing the 6.1.0 release and the status of Kai’s 
> work with buildbot. If anyone else has a specific topic they would like 
> to discuss or something to present, please let me know.
> This meeting is open to anyone with an interest in Octave development. 
> It is not intended to be a support forum.
> jwe

Just to hopefully avoid timing issues: 
Europe is ending its daylight saving time for this year on October 25th at 3 
a.m. and Central Europe will move back to UTC+1.
So if I got this right, the meeting is due at 19:00 in Central Europe.


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