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Re: GSOC 2021 Idea Discussion

From: przemek klosowski
Subject: Re: GSOC 2021 Idea Discussion
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2021 16:14:50 -0400
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On 3/18/21 4:18 AM, Atharva Dubey wrote:
Hello all,
I am Atharva Dubey and have been using octave for a while now. A quick introduction about me, technically, I am quite familiar and well versed in the field of machine learning algorithms.  I am also a parallel computing enthusiast and have worked OpenMP, SYCL and a little bit of CUDA as well and I am proficient with C++ as well as Python.

For GSoC 2021, I propose a machine learning library with hardware acceleration support, for a variety of devices, let it be AMD GPUs, FPGAs ASICs etc., etc and I propose this using SYCL. I have already started on it(it is not quite ready yet) and you could find it here - https://github.com/AD2605/SYCML <https://github.com/AD2605/SYCML>

please let me know your feedback and whether it a good plan and how to proceed with it.

Thanks and Regards

It would be great if SYCL was accessible from Octave, but you seem to use the Codeplay implementation which appears not to be under a GPL compatible license required by Octave.


lists other implementations, like triSYCL which may be more license-compatible.

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