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Reaching out to Francesco Faccio for help to test performance of Ode15{i

From: Sarrah Bastawala
Subject: Reaching out to Francesco Faccio for help to test performance of Ode15{i,s} solvers
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2022 18:51:56 +0530

Greetings Octave Developers!

    This mail is primarily to reach out to Francesco Faccio, a 2016 GSoC Student Developer
under GNU Octave, who worked on the Ode15{i,s} Solver Implementations in Octave.

    I am pleased to inform that I have been continuing this implementation under GSoC '22, 
hoping to make the dependency of ode15{i,s} on KLU optional, by replacing the N_Vector, 
Sparse Jacobian and Solver by SUNDIALS with Octave's custom implementations of the
same, under the mentorship of Carlo de Falco . The entire thread of the project can be found here.
     While working on these, we also hoped for some improvement in the efficiency of the solvers,
as we would be avoiding making copies of data and also use our vectorized operations in the 
vector and matrices. Now that we have neared the end of the project, we wish to test 
the performance of the solver with these new implementations. Francesco had made some 
tests for this exact purpose, however the repository containing them listed on the blog 
seems to have been discontinued.

    This is a humble request for him to reply if he has a copy of those codes stored somewhere,
or access to the repository, as that would be a great help !

    Awaiting a response in earnest,

Sarrah Bastawala
Student, VJTI Mumbai 

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