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GSOC 2023: Proposal to integrate Manim into Octave

From: Manuel Vicente Bolaños
Subject: GSOC 2023: Proposal to integrate Manim into Octave
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2023 13:50:34 +0100


I am Manuel Vicente Bolaños Quesada. I am from Spain, and I am currently studying a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

I already posted this proposal in the Octave Discourse Group, but didn't get any feedback. I asked in the IRC, and somebody told me to post it via the mailing list, so here I am :)

Could someone review my proposal draft and give me some advice? Thanks in advance!

My proposal: Integrating Manim into Octave


Octave is a widely used programming language for numerical computation, and it has a large community of users who use it for scientific and engineering applications. One of the limitations of Octave is the lack of tools for creating animations, which can be a useful feature for data visualization and educational purposes. The Manim library is a powerful tool for creating mathematical animations, and integrating it into Octave can enhance the capabilities of the language and make it more useful for a wider range of applications.

In this project, I propose to integrate Manim into Octave by creating a new package that will provide a simple interface for creating animations. The package will be implemented in Octave, and will use the Manim library as the backend for rendering the animations. The package will be designed to be easy to use and will provide a set of basic animation functions that can be used by users with little or no experience in animation creation.


The main objectives of the project are:


For the past two weeks I have been understanding how Octave is implemented, and I am currently trying to make some small contributions (bugs fixes, etc). Furthermore, I have some experience with Manim library in Python, and I have made some animations 1, so I am not new at the topic.

I am fully aware of the complexity of the project I am proposing. However, my intention is not to complete a fully functional package within the given time frame, but rather to establish the foundations of a package that can perform basic functions. I am also motivated to continue the development of the package beyond the GSoC period, as it is a project that I am passionate about.

I am a self-motivated worker who takes initiative in solving problems independently. I usually try to find solutions through research and utilizing online resources. If I am unable to find a solution after a considerable amount of time, I then approach my superiors (such as professors, supervisors, or appropriate individuals) for assistance.

I am really excited to do this project, and I will do a good job, being fully committed to it. I hope you consider my proposal

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