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[Okstraperl-allgemein] Check Out Right Now!

From: Andromache Paul
Subject: [Okstraperl-allgemein] Check Out Right Now!
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 16:51:37 +0100

The moving picture industry is prospering after President Obama`s election. "Skyfall" Brings in the record $$ for the James Bond just shy of $90 mln. James Bond would say: "Watch GT_RL for some Big news." Purchase as much as you can of GT_RL on Wed, Nov 14th, 2012!!!

Company Name: Get Real USA Inc
Ticker: GT_RL
Now: $.02

Don`t screw your chances by waiting for GT_RL to become a next Sony Corp. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.

Invest into into GT_RL today and enjoy life - watch "Skyfall" and enjoy the earnings. The time is crucial, go and invest at least $10000 worth on November 14th.

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