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[Openexr-announce] openexr-images-1.4.0 released

From: Drew Hess
Subject: [Openexr-announce] openexr-images-1.4.0 released
Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2006 23:40:36 -0700
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Hi all,

We've released a new set of sample OpenEXR images.  This release
includes a bunch of new images that are useful for testing your
OpenEXR applications.

The images are organized by subdirectory according to their image type
or purpose.  Several of these subdirectories contain README files that
explain the contents of the images in those subdirectories.

All of the images contained in this release are covered by the same
license as the OpenEXR source code release.  In a nutshell, you are
free to use or redistribute these images as long as you include the
copyright notice.  See the LICENSE file in the image distribution
tarball for details.

You can get the images here:


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