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[osip-dev] ACK -Max_Forwards

From: Daniel Génin
Subject: [osip-dev] ACK -Max_Forwards
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 10:00:33 +0200

After reception of a SIP response STATUS 4xx (486 or 408), osip2 automatically sends an ACK without header Max_Forwards.
(libosip2-3.6.0/osip2/ict_fsm.c, function ict_rcv_3456xx(osip_transaction_t * ict, osip_event_t * evt))
It is not compliant with RFC 3261 $ 8.1.1 ?
Oherwise, $ 8.1.1 does not apply in this case ?
Thank you.
Best Regards
Daniel Génin
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