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[osip-dev] Why is reply 180 not sent?

From: Roger Schreiter
Subject: [osip-dev] Why is reply 180 not sent?
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2014 22:43:00 +0200
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I'm still learning how to use osip, and therefore I'm implementing
a simple gateway: One SIP call is coming in and is forwarded
to another host.

No I'm facing a behaviour of libosip, which I do not understand.

So far ok is:

SIP call is coming in and is detected.
Transition is created.
100 Trying is sent back using:
  evt = osip_new_outgoing_sipmessage(response); 
  osip_transaction_add_event(tr, evt);

New INVITE to other host is created and sent to other host.

100 Trying from other host is received.
180 Ringing from other host is received.

Then I create a response 180 Ringing to the first host, exactly
as the first 100 Trying. Just the To-tag is also added.

Then I try to send as before:

  evt = osip_new_outgoing_sipmessage(response); 
  osip_transaction_add_event(tr, evt);

where tr is the transaction from the incoming INVITE.

None of those calls is returning an error.
However, my cb_snd_message is not called by libosip.

Now, I wonder, why the 100 Trying was sent, but not the
180 Ringing. Besides of the cause code and the To-tag, I cannot
see any difference between my ways to send those responses.

Has anyone an idea, how I could figure out, what is going wrong?
Are there any further debugging means inside the transistion state


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