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Re: [osip-dev] eXosip and reINVITE

From: Aymeric Moizard
Subject: Re: [osip-dev] eXosip and reINVITE
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2018 15:04:04 +0200


In the call flow you sent, the SDP from 200 Ok for re-INVITE is sent to asterisk1
before you receive the SDP from 200 Ok from asterisk2. I'm not listing the other
possible issue of a B2BUA, you may know them... ;)

You said you have an error, but, but you didn't told which error
and what you tried? Let me know more if you want help.


2018-08-02 14:50 GMT+02:00 Tsvetan Filev <address@hidden>:

I'm trying to achieve the following SIP communication:


This is basically initial INVITE followed by reINVITE that tells the phones to use direct RTP traffic instead of RTP going through asterisk.
eXosip node is a transparent B2BUA written using the eXosip/osip2 library.
I set directmedia=outgoing to both asterisks which tells them to send reINVITE only to outgoing leg (the default asterisk behavior is to send to both legs https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/SIP+Direct+Media+Reinvite+Glare+Avoidance).

So I have two call legs in my eXosip node : call leg 1 (asterisk 1) and call leg 2 (asterisk 2).

I was able to send successfully reINVITE from eXosip to asterisk 2 and Trying from eXosip to asterisk 1.
When I get OK from asterisk 2 and try to send OK to asterisk 1 by copying the sdp from asterisk 2 I get an error.

Is it possible to achieve this with eXosip and how ?


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