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[Pan-announce] [ANNOUNCE] Pan release 0.151

From: Dominique Dumont
Subject: [Pan-announce] [ANNOUNCE] Pan release 0.151
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2022 18:09:52 +0200


After 3 months, here's the new release of Pan 0.151 codename "Butcha"

Pan is a powerful and user-friendly Usenet newsreader for GTK+.
See for more information.

  This release is dedicated to all people suffering from Russian war
  in Ukraine. Until this war is over, Pan release are named after
  Ukrainian towns ravaged by this war.

  The main points of this release are:
  - Gtk2 minimal version is now 2.24.0. Note that this release is
    probably the last one with Gtk2 support.
  - addition of a helper script to build Pan on Windows (Thomas)
  - fix Gtk3 icon scaling on Windows (Thomas, fixes #144)
  - fix header handling errors (Thomas, fixes #61 and #66)
  - Add a menu entry to allow editing the Score file in text editor (Thomas, 
fixes #11)

  Many thanks to Thomas Tanner for the work done on this release.

You can get Pan 0.151 release tarball on Gnome's gitlab:


The detailed release log is there:

All the best


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