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[Pan-devel] message/partial support

From: Jeffrey Stedfast
Subject: [Pan-devel] message/partial support
Date: 07 May 2002 14:23:33 -0400

I've started hacking this last night and am nearly finished but I'm not
sure what the best interface would be for splitting a message into
multiple messages containing message/partial parts.

The way I see it, I could either return an array of GMimeMessagePartial
parts and leave it up to our caller to construct the GMimeMessages and
embed the GMimeMessagePartial parts themselves, or I could return an
array of GMimeMessages.

I think I'm leaning toward the second one, but I'm not sure...

In case you're interested in how it will be implemented, the interface
will look something like this:

GMimeMessage **g_mime_message_partial_split_message (GMimeMessage
*message, size_t max_size, int *nparts);

'max_size' will be a way to tell GMime that you don't want any mime part
to contain any more than max_size bytes of the original message.
'nparts' will be set to the number of parts in the array (which you will
have to g_free when you're done with it - the array, not nparts).

On a related note, has Pan 0.12.x been ported to use GMime2 yet? If not,
I might look into working on that in my spare time this week/weekend.


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