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[Pan-devel] some musings on speed

From: Anatoly Vorobey
Subject: [Pan-devel] some musings on speed
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 02:27:49 +0300
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I've tried to investigate why mass-deletions of many articles from large
groups are so slow in Pan (I'm assuming here I'm not the only one who
noticed). When I open a typical binaries group with 180,000 articles
and try to select and delete all of them, the deletion takes about 40 
seconds on my machine (P4 2Ghz, otherwise idle) - plus another 5 or so 
seconds to update the header pane. I've done some bechmarking and 
discovered that only about 3/4 of that time is spent on marking
as purged those articles that are crossposted into other, non-loaded 
groups (this typical group had, as usual for binaries, many crossposts). 
The actual deletion of Article structs from memory for loaded 
groups (both the group I'm deleting from and those crossposted into, but 
currently loaded) was much faster by comparison.

That marking is done by calling group_mark_article_purged in group.c for
every article in every crossposted non-loaded group separately; this 
uses newsrc_mark_article() in newsrc.c which is itself very slow (as it
inserts/removes ranges inside the array of Range structs, when merging
existing ranges or creating a new one, it shifts the whole tail of the
potentially very large array, every time). So >100,000 calls to a very 
slow merging functinon are responsible for most of the delay; and the 
delay grows non-linearly with the number of deleted articles.

I've written a patch which optimised purging articles from non-loaded 
groups by using a (new) function newsrc_mark_array_read() which inserts
a whole array of numbers to mark into an existing Newsrc object at once.
My patch also optimises the other part of deletion - deletion of 
articles from loaded groups - by avoiding the costly and long transition 
through MessageIdentifier objects, and by using arrays rather than 
hashes to build up lists of articles to remove (the existing code uses 
hashes to avoid removing the same article twice, but it can be done much 
faster with an extra bit inside the Article struct, which doesn't take 
up any new space at all). With my patch, removing 180,000 articles takes 
about 5 seconds (not counting the header pane update time), and grows 
roughly linearly with time. It's seen 
some testing, but is still very raw, and probably has bugs in it. If 
anyone wants to review it/try it out/let me know your thoughts on its 
design/incorporate it into the source, please feel free to. I've put 
the current patch against CVS at .


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