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[Pan-devel] Hello and Respect.

From: Motorhead
Subject: [Pan-devel] Hello and Respect.
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2010 21:14:04 +0100
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Someone I think pulled quite a smart little trick of not inserting a space in the references so it cant be split across two lines or similar. (server probably looking for "> ")
and thus triggers the 441 post filter error...

now I know fastest way to attempt work round this would be a soft-ICE and the symbols included version of pan... I have no idea about GTK programming, any pointers to debugger that will let me edit the references field before a post would be helpful.

also spotted the spellchecker terminal error bug, might be able to fix that as well with a soft-ICE (debugger)

any help appreciated. Thanks.


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