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Re: [Pan-devel] License issue with optional TLS component ( bug 693272)

From: Heinrich Müller
Subject: Re: [Pan-devel] License issue with optional TLS component ( bug 693272)
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2013 22:54:00 +0100
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Am 10.02.2013 17:01, schrieb Dominique Dumont:
Hello Duncan

[ Note: I'm the guy packaging Pan for Debian ]

One alternative would be to make pan buildable a pre-lgplv3 gnutls, as
lgplv2.1 is compatible, but I'm not sure how practical that is from a
coding perspective.  Heinrich?
I do not think it's practical: what about potential security fixes done after
the lgpv3 release ?
not an option, yes.

Additionally, something I can note from my Gentoo involvement since with
the exception of the live-media (and the binpkg media, but while gentoo
used to ship those, AFAIK it hasn't updated them for some years now, so
if they're still distributed at all, they're way stale), gentoo normally
only ships sources and build-scripts, I believe simply shipping sources
is fine -- it's the folks shipping binaries that have to worry.
IANAL, but I think you're confusing issues. The GPL mostly affects
redistribution of software. The fact that the software is re-distributed as
source or binaries does not matter. What matter is that source files are
available when re-distributing software as binary.

GPL license apply when you're re-distributing aggregated software, i.e.
software B uses (i.e. C link, nodejs require or Perl use..) a GPL software,
then you must comply with GPL requirement as listed in

Also note that as a practical matter, legal or illegal, if nobody's
enforcing it doesn't matter except to the folks who want to be real
strict about it, which Debian is noted for.  (Good for Debian; I'm glad
somebody's watching out for our freedoms! =:^)  And practically speaking,
I suspect it's rather unlikely that anyone with copyright interest in pan
and thus legal standing to enforce, is going to be that strict about it.
Indeed. Tolerance may be common between open-source projects, but it may set a
precedent for license abuse. Something like, "yes I hijacked this GPL software
for my company, but it's common practice for other projects". That's a
slippery slope.

The one other concern I'm aware of would be the bundled uulib code that I
believe pan ships as part of the sources.  I'm not enough of a coder to
know how much of that pan actually incorporates, but a quick check here
suggests that uulib is gplv2+, so relicensing to GPLv2+ or GPLv3+
shouldn't be a problem with it, tho attempting to switch to non-GPL would

Talking about the bundled uulib...

Most of the files in pan's uulib sources subdir specify GPLv2 or later,
with the exception of fptools.[ch] and crc32.[ch] (plus

fptools.[ch] both specify GPL without specifying a version.  I'm not sure
whether that means any version, or 1.0 or whatever.  Getting that cleared
up might be a good idea.  Might want to ask that Debian guy about it as
they probably have a policy that should pass reasonable legal muster.
It means GPL 1.0. I'm more worried by the fact that there's no (c) holder for
this file. It will be difficult to have this file re-licensed if its author
cannot be contacted.

That leaves crc32.c, which is a definite problem as it references the non-
existing zlib.h file.  The zlib license seems to be free/as-is (basically
MIT/BSD-two-clause similar and compatible with pretty much everything),
and that's where that file came from according to the note at the top, so
the license shouldn't be a problem, but we DO need to correct that non-
existing-file-reference problem, probably by copying the license bit out
of the zlib.h file from the zlib sources, replacing the reference to the
non-existing file.
i've removed those files. not needed ....

Actually, if you look at current uulib sources, that's what they've done
-- the crc32.c file has the zlib license copied into it.  (And the uulib
crc32.h file, as pan's, remains without license wording at all.)
While analysing the copyright and licenses of Pan files, I came to the same
conclusion (see [1], I admit I did not see the licence problem with
i think i'll drop uulib anyway. but that's a future goal.

Other problematic files are:

Files: pan/gui/e-cte-dialog.c
Copyright: 2001 Ximian, Inc
License: GPL-2

Files: pan/gui/e-charset-dialog.c
Copyright: 2001, Ximian, Inc
License: GPL-2
those two are problematic. i'll implement my own widgets perhaps...

Files: pan/tasks/task-article.*
Copyright: 2002-2006, Charles Kerr <address@hidden>
    2002-2007, Charles Kerr <address@hidden>
    2007, Calin Culianu <address@hidden>
    2007, Charles Kerr <address@hidden>
License: GPL-2
i'll contact calin.

Files: pan/usenet-utils/ssl-utils.h
Copyright: 2011 Heinrich Müller <address@hidden>
  2002-2006 Charles Kerr <address@hidden>
  2003 Jay Case
  2002 vjt (irssi project)
  2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010 Free Software
License: GPL-2
will be removed
For each file, a pan re-licensing would require either:
- a re-licensing message from copyright holders
- use a more recent version of the file with a compatible license
- modify pan to not use this file

thanks for the info so far.


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