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[Pan-devel] Some notes

From: free pro
Subject: [Pan-devel] Some notes
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2018 22:59:00 +0200


1. there is some code that displays "save as" dialog if post is large enough. That is confusing, because some ppl inline pix, there is no need to save anything., is_mediumish etc.

2. seems like g_mime_init() is not called (gmime 3). I get SEGV when decoding subject header.

4. 4-7). GMIME_ADDRESS_TYPE_FROM instead of SENDER header.

5. g_mime_message_set_subject (msg, cpch, charset.c_str()); without charset arguments it chooses "best fit" charset, which is formally ok, but causes problems for some other ppl who handle utf8 only.

6. posting is now broken, because _hidden_headers has "content-type" and "content-transfer-encoding" headers, which causes duplicate headers.

7. there is no way to suppress user-agent header. Could it be off by default? _prefs.get_flag (USER_AGENT_PREFS_KEY, false)

8. starting with some previous release PAN started to duplicate headers in body view. I think this fixed it, but I doubt it was proper thing to do:

diff --git a/pan/usenet-utils/ b/pan/usenet-utils/
index 135f469..20f1206 100644
--- a/pan/usenet-utils/
+++ b/pan/usenet-utils/
@@ -1215,7 +1215,7 @@ mime :: construct_message (GMimeStream ** istreams,
       } else
- g_mime_message_set_mime_part(messages[i], part); + //g_mime_message_set_mime_part(messages[i], part);

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