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Re: [Pan-devel] On gmime signing: Was: compile error from current git ma

From: Jack
Subject: Re: [Pan-devel] On gmime signing: Was: compile error from current git master head
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2021 14:00:10 -0400

On 2021.09.12 13:01, Dominique Dumont wrote:
On Friday, 10 September 2021 00:31:48 CEST Jack via Discussions of Pan source
code hacking. wrote:
> Still too soon to know exactly what's happening, but when I sent the
> post, I got
> (pan:8313): gmime-CRITICAL **: 18:23:04.019:
> g_mime_multipart_signed_sign: assertion 'GMIME_IS_CRYPTO_CONTEXT (ctx)'
> failed
> (pan:8313): gmime-CRITICAL **: 18:23:04.019: g_mime_part_set_filename:
> assertion 'GMIME_IS_PART (mime_part)' failed
> If that gives anyone ideas, great.

I can only guess that the conversion from gmime2 to gmime3 has other errors. Fixing this may require to inspect all the gmime3 code (embedded between
#define) and check gmime3 doc. IIRC, there's a migration document.
While there may be problems with the gmime3 specific code, I suspect the problem may be in gmime code NOT currently within a gmime3 #ifdef. That would be code that needs to change for gmime3, but hasn't yet been migrated.

Unfortunately I cannot check as gmime2 is no longer available on Debian.

> Otherwise I wouldn't follow this particular goose-chase until I have more definitive information.

Agreed. On Debian side, nobody complained about broken signature, so the important part is to make sure that pan can be compiled. I think this will be the case once dgraef/gmime3-bugfix branch is merged.
Pan compiles and runs fine, with the only exception of crashing on trying to send a gmime-signed part. Since the gmime2 code hasn't been changed, I think it's OK to ship a version like this, as long as the problem is noted in the release notes. I've managed to get Pan compiled for debugging with gdb, but haven't yet had time to figure out why the GMIME_IS_CRYPTO_CONTEXT fails.

Once this is done, I'll push a release.
Agreed. I think it might also be good to include in the release notes that support for gtk2 and gmime2 are likely to be removed sooner rather than later. Once the version 2 specific code can be removed (along with related ifdef's, it should be easier to troubleshoot any gtk3 and gmime3 problems.

At any rate, good progress is being made, and the program does continue to work for me for basic news reading.


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