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[Pan-devel] [ANNOUNCE] New Pan release 0.147 (and new maintainer)

From: Dominique Dumont
Subject: [Pan-devel] [ANNOUNCE] New Pan release 0.147 (and new maintainer)
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2021 17:04:38 +0200


After a 2 years hiatus, I'm happy to announce Pan version 0.147.

Yes, that's right, Pan has a new maintainer. I've been maintaining Pan package 
for Debian for almost 10 years, and I did not want this software to die, so 
I've taken over upstream maintenance. 

As I've not seriously programmed in C++ for about 20 years, I'll heavily rely 
on users' participation. So please, keep the MR coming, I'll strive to review, 
provide feedback and hopefully merge them. :-)

Back to Pan, this new release contains mostly bug fixes so pan can be compiled 
on major Linux distributions.

In the next releases, we'll try to get rid of gmime2 code. Please reach out to
pan-devel [at] if this may cause issues.

Note that I have not (yet?) the credentials to update Pan website on So the announce and tarball will not be propagated there soon 
(if ever).

You can get Pan 0,147 release tarball on Gnome's gitlab:


The detailed release log is there:

This release still has known bugs:
- compilation with gtk3 raises a lot of warning
- message signing is broken

All the best

Dominique (aka dod at Debian)

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