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Re: [Pan-devel] Update pan web site ?

From: Jack
Subject: Re: [Pan-devel] Update pan web site ?
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2021 16:23:38 -0400

On 2021.09.22 19:03, Petr Kovar wrote:
On Mon, 13 Sep 2021 10:58:38 +0200
Detlef Graef <> wrote:
> Am 12.09.21 um 19:02 schrieb Dominique Dumont:
> > Does anyone know how to update pan web site ?
> > And how to push a tarball there ?
> Do you mean ?
> AFAIK Petr Kovar has updated the site after a release in the past.

Yes, turns out site access still works on my side so I've updated the site with Dominique's new release.


Thanks for the updates. When I looked at the site a few weeks ago, I thought I saw a footer showing that the version of nginx being used was not very recent. I can't find it at all now, but it would be good to know the software running the site is being kept up to date. I also see some other Pan pages which need updating, such as the FAQ (displayed version is labelled as out of date (2001) and the link to the more up-to-date version now points to, also an old copy.) I'll start looking for some time to work on that, but it may take some time.


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