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[Pan-devel] nzb download errors and bombing out.

From: Pedro
Subject: [Pan-devel] nzb download errors and bombing out.
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2021 13:18:06 +1000
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hi, I am on pan 0.146 and will try the new version soon, and thanks for taking it up again.

the problem I have with many nzb downloads is that is saves the part in many multiple <filename>_copy_x, where x can be in the hundreds, interspersed with ,filename_copy_x.ERROR files

the x ones are 1mb and the ERRORS 45bytes.

then aborts, seemingly trying on the first part only.

seems like a fragmentation/continuity issue or the usenet providers generation of the nzb.

thanks for reading.

side note, I have tried and tried and unable to find anything that is as good as pan (once was). they all are esoteric or want a web browser interface

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