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[Pan-devel] pan saving of nzb parts that start with a leading number lea

From: Pedro
Subject: [Pan-devel] pan saving of nzb parts that start with a leading number leave out that first number in the saved part.
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2021 11:46:12 +1100
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for instance the nzb file part is something like


pan saves it as


the only practical problem is that when there are ERROR's and I need to download that missing part manually from the web interface of the news server I need to chase up

that full name with the leading digit to get a result in their search engine. it is their server that generates these quirky nzbs from a lazy OP posters single file post, which precludes the use of the good old par files by the way.

it's either that or reload the nzb again and do only that part.

I can get those OP subject  names from

cat <nzb_name>.nzb | grep subject >> <totextfileoptional>

names that start with a letter are not so affected.

and fyi if I have not posted this before.

saved parts are in correct part order, the first one I rename to a .rar, after checking it opens ok in archive manager as that first part.

eg a.rar the rest I use krename in krusader (linux) after sorting by modified date order. the last part will be the smaller final one.

name is same 'a' for all of them

and the extension is  r##{0} which is r00 to rn for under 100 parts.

also it is best to copy all of them to a working folder if a mistake is made.

works for me

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