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Re: [Pan-users] Re: ANN: Pan 0.134 "Wait for Me"

From: Alan Meyer
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] Re: ANN: Pan 0.134 "Wait for Me"
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 10:45:55 -0800 (PST)

Duncan <address@hidden> wrote:

> ...  To recognize or fail to recognize the contributions, code
> especially but not just code, that one has made, is to pay them
> or rob them of their "payment" -- the only payment many
> receive.  Thus, giving credit where credit is due is a *HUGE*
> *DEAL*; it's *NOT* a matter one can be careless with. ...

I have found that in commercial work the employer or client is
often motivated to DENY credit to developers.  I've had my name
removed from work because my employer or (after I became an
independent consultant) my client didn't want to share credit
with me and especially didn't want someone approaching me to work
for them.

I can remember sitting through more than one demonstration of
software that I wrote while a client boasted to their clients or
employers about the great work that they did, without ever
acknowledging me.  The only reason I was present at all is that
the client wanted me there in case they got in trouble and needed
help with something.

Since I'm paid for the work that I do I have no grounds for
complaint.  If they want to pay me to do work that they take
credit for, I understand that.  I'm content to take the money and
do the work.  But I sure do appreciate the need to credit open
source developers.

I hereby express my thanks to Charles Kerr, K. Haley, Petr Kovar,
and to you Duncan, for all the work done on Pan and for the



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