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[paparazzi-builds] [paparazzi] Build failed : master #1404

From: Semaphore
Subject: [paparazzi-builds] [paparazzi] Build failed : master #1404
Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2017 21:11:28 +0000

Build 1404 Failed For project paparazzi on branch master
Last commit for this build
Gautier Hattenberger 30 Dec 23:10
558cb68 — update changelog
Build Results
Thread #1
ls -lah $SEMAPHORE_CACHE_DIR 00:00
df -h 00:00
docker pull flixr/pprz-dev 01:08
df -h 00:00
sudo rm -rf /home/runner/{.phpbrew,.phpunit,.kerl,.kiex,.lein,.nvm,.npm,.rbenv} 00:17
df -h 00:00
git --version 00:00
git status --ignored 00:00
git submodule deinit --force . 00:00
rm -rf .git/modules 00:00
git submodule update --init --force --recursive 00:44
if [ "$SEMAPHORE_TRIGGER_SOURCE" = "scheduler" ]; then docker/ -it flixr/pprz-dev make test_all_confs ; else docker/ -it flixr/pprz-dev make test ; fi 59:55
( Showing only the last 30 out of 79 lines. For a complete log visit the build page )

/home/pprz/paparazzi/var/include/pprzlink/messages.h:5415:20: note: expected ‘uint8_t * {aka unsigned char *}’ but argument is of type ‘enum LidarLiteStatus *’
 static inline void pprz_msg_send_LIDAR(struct transport_tx *trans, struct link_device *dev, uint8_t ac_id, float *_distance, uint8_t *_status, uint8_t *_trans_status) {

Warning: <firmware> element has non-unique value in 'name' key attribute: rotorcraft at tests/aircrafts/01_compile_all_aircrafts.t line 76.
# compiling AIRCRAFT: [Iris] TARGET: [fbw]

tests/aircrafts/01_compile_all_aircrafts.t .. 4/7 
Warning: AIRCRAFT=Iris target=fbw compiled sucessfully but had warnings:
No SRTM data found to check altitude.

Warning: Waypoint 'dummy' too far from HOME (59>20)

# compiling AIRCRAFT: [Minion_Lia] TARGET: [ap]

tests/aircrafts/01_compile_all_aircrafts.t .. 5/7 # compiling AIRCRAFT: [Minion_Lia] TARGET: [nps]

tests/aircrafts/01_compile_all_aircrafts.t .. 6/7 
tests/aircrafts/01_compile_all_aircrafts.t .. ok
All tests successful.
Files=1, Tests=7, 30 wallclock secs ( 0.01 usr  0.01 sys + 46.79 cusr 15.90 csys = 62.71 CPU)
Result: PASS
failed conf/airframes/OPENUAS/openuas_conf.xml
failed conf/airframes/OPENUAS/openuas_obc2014_conf.xml
failed conf/airframes/TUDELFT/tudelft_conf.xml
failed conf/airframes/ENAC/conf_enac.xml
failed conf/airframes/FLIXR/flixr_conf.xml
Makefile:316: recipe for target 'test_all_confs' failed
make: *** [test_all_confs] Error 1

df -h 00:00

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