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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Part Sources

From: antoine . drouin
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Part Sources
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 10:03:13 +0200
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Hello Steve

Selon Steve Turner <address@hidden>:

> Hi,
>     I have been interested in UAV's for a while, and am attempting to build
> one. I may try to build a paparazzi, and at least use some of your ideas. You
> guys have done a great job. I am fairly new to the AVR's and C programming,
> so it is a steep learning curve for me. I have not yet located a source for
> the modem chip however. I have been unable to find any info on the CMX469D3,
> but did find some info on a CMX469AD3
> ( Is this the chip you
> used? Looks like most everything else DigiKey has.

That is the chip we use. We get this part from radiospares (
pn: 378-3051 and 378-3045
It's an old chip but it works fine. Maybe someday we'll have to think about
using something newer :)

>     I am also wondering if your printer had any problems printing the board
> to a transparency without smudging between the small pads of the AVR's? I
> have a cheap HP printer, and some of my pads print out with 3 pads connected
> together. Maybe a higher quality printer would work better. 

I have no problem printing the pcbs on transparencies with an epson photo 890
printer (1200*2400dpi). I use the maximum contrast settings. A laser printer
also works fine.

I am now designing a new version of the controller board and we intend to have
these PCBs build by eurocircuits ( This will allow us to
have metalized holes, reduce further the size of the board, and make the chip
easier to solder.

I hope that beeing able to get ready-made PCBs will allow more people to build

What I would really like is to find someone who would sell a Paparazzi kit
containing chips and PCBs.



>     I have a website with a little stuff on UAV's
> ( More just a collection of some of my ideas. I
> have since moved away from the PIC's and on the AVR's. Probably nothing new
> for you guys on there however. Thanks for any ideas or pointers.
> Steve Turner
> Fort Collins, CO
> SteveOnWeb.Com

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