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RE: [Paparazzi-devel] Paparazzi Center -- RFC

From: claude valluy
Subject: RE: [Paparazzi-devel] Paparazzi Center -- RFC
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 10:26:52 +0200

Hi Pascal ,
Where can i get the setup ,the soft for the tracking antenna displayed on
the website ?

Claude-Henri VALLUY
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Pascal Brisset
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address@hidden wrote:
> And since you asked, I have a few "constructive comments" :)
> The file editing launcher is really great but it defaults to Gedit.  
> I know I could change it to whatever I want in, but is 
> there a way to make it simply default to the user's gui-defined 
> default editor so that it is more universal?
 You can choose the editor you want by setting the EDITOR variable:

EDITOR=emacs sw/supervision/paparazzicenter

 A "Preferences" menu is mayve useful ...
> Can you add a simple script in the root folder so that users can just 
> type "paparazzi" to check/set environment variables and launch the 
> gcs in one easy step without having to find the supervision folder?  
 Added. The ./paparazzi script now launches Paparazzi Center
> I do this myself with an icon and a batch file but something more 
> universal in the CVS would be nice for people just browsing/learning 
> the software.
 It will installed in the menu by the paparazzi-bin package.
> Lastly, is it possible to combine the "control panel" and "conf" tabs 
> so that error messages are displayed in the same window when you try 
> to launch an uncompiled aircraft, etc.?
 The console is now also visible from the Control Panel tab.

 - The gui is designed to only handle the configurations of the 
aircraft. If a "global" file (like conf/messages.xml, or any source file 
of the ground tools) is modified, a "make" command is still required.
 -  the conf/control_panel.xml must be patched (the "sim" program is 
new). If you've never edited this file, just remove it and do a "make" 
(you will get a copy of control_panel.xml.example). If you want to keep 
your sessions, modify the program element for "sim":
    <program name="sim" command="sw/simulator/launchsitl">
      <arg flag="-b" variable="ivy_bus"/>


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