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[Paparazzi-devel] Error in Gerber .cmp file for Adxrs300_breakout board

From: Stephen L Hulme
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Error in Gerber .cmp file for Adxrs300_breakout board
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 17:26:57 +1300

Dear Paparazzi Project Experts
When I attempt to export a gerber file set for adxrs300_breakout.brd from the paparazzi3/hw/in_progress folder
to a fabricating company named BatchPCB  I receive their error message as set out below.
Is this something that can be changed easily or should I give up and spend silly money elsewhere?
As far as I can ascertain the recorded error is associated with the gerber adxrs300_breakout.cmp file.  
And yes I have tried submitting gerber files for gyro_adxr.brd in the hw/sensors folder
and a drill size error is reported. This company only supports drill sizes down to 20 mil
and this particular board requests a 14 mil drill size. 
Stephen L Hulme
Error Message:
Zip File Format Selector (Step 2 of 3)

X Max: 0.8557 X Min: 0.0907

Y Max: 0.7087 Y Min: 0.0907

PCB Size: 0.47277 inches square
Estimated price per board: $2.5 [$2.5/]

There were errors in the Top Layer File. Please address them and resubmit the zip file. Details bellow:

Checked Aperture 10 (0.0020): Failed
        Error - Aperture too thin
Checked Aperture 11 (0.0197): Passed
Checked Aperture 12 (0.0425x0.0413): Passed
Checked Aperture 13 (0.0413x0.0425): Passed
Checked Aperture 14 (0.0433x0.0394): Passed
Checked Aperture 15 (0.0394x0.0433): Passed
Checked Aperture 16 (0.0600x0.1200): Passed
Checked Aperture 17 (0.0120): Passed
Checked Aperture 18 (0.0400): Passed
Checked Aperture 19 (0.0100): Passed

Please consult the FAQ (link on the left) for further assistance.

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