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RE: RE: [Paparazzi-devel] Using MaxStream API mode with 2.4ghz XBeePro O

From: address@hidden
Subject: RE: RE: [Paparazzi-devel] Using MaxStream API mode with 2.4ghz XBeePro OEM modules
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 20:53:30 GMT

You can also connect your airborne modem directly to the PC by using a FTDI or similar converter.  This way you can program both modems at the same time and test communication in both directions all at once. 

There is an init string in the airframe file that will program your airborne modem, and a similar string in the GCS to program the ground modem but it's pretty tough to find, configure, and enable this code.

API mode adds complexity, you have to assign an address to the plane (this is done somewhere in the airborne code).  I suggest changing only the baud rate at first.

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Awesome, wow, I totally forgot 'minicom'...'sudo apt-get install minicom' :)

Ok, will do, was going exactly by the Wiki so maybe that was my mistake ;] 
appreciate the help. I'll dig up the manual for the proper codes to send the 
modem for API mode and bps.

David Conger

From: Yves Touchette
Date: 4/10/08 18:37
Subject: RE: [Paparazzi-devel] Using MaxStream API mode with 2.4ghz XBeePro OEM 


 Assuming that your modem is still configured at 9600bps, use a terminal 
emulation program such as minicom, make sure it's set at the correct baud rate 
and on the right tty.

 Then issue '+++', wait for a second, then send your init string.

 You can refer to the maxstream manuel to make sure you have the correct init 

 I had a quick look and I think the init string you listed would be more 
appropriate for a 9Xtend module (it reduced the output power ATPL2) and it 
doesn't put the module in API mode (ATAP1).


 > Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 17:00:05 +0000
> From: address@hidden
> To: address@hidden
> CC:
> Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Using MaxStream API mode with 2.4ghz XBeePro OEM 
> modules
> Hello,
> From the aircraft files, namely funjet1.xml I see XBeePro (xbee) as the modem 
> used there. I saw lots of mention about the MaxStream product on the Wiki. So 
> I chose to do our first aircraft using XBeePro 2.4ghz modules. I was thinking 
> this way the first attempt will be easier as it's a well tested aircraft 
> (FunJet) and components (Berg4L), Hitec HS55 servos, MaxStream 2.4ghz RF 
> modem module in aircraft and MaxStream 2.4ghz USB modem on ground station. I 
> liked it had the removable small antenna on the USB one to justify the 
> expensive cost of it.
> Questions/Steps:
> Has anyone flashed the ground station Modem (XBP24-PKC-001-UA) using Linux 
> only? I realize I need to tell that modem to use 57600bps if I am using that 
> speed in the module. I do not use Windows (Ubuntu 7.10 and Mac OSX 10.5). So, 
> it is PnP recognized as /dev/ttyUSB0 as expected. But now how to set the 
> values the same as the module?
> I tried:
> 1. echo 'ATPL2\rATRN1\rATTT80\r\ATBD6\rATWR\r\' </dev/ttyUSB0 and saw the 
> green light blink once quickly on the left (receive).
> 2. I did the exact steps in the Wiki for configuring the Module for API and 
> 57600 (funjet1.xml based aircraft file, tiny2.11 autopilot)
> 3. As soon as I power up the Tiny2.11 the lights on the ground station modem 
> light up. Three green on the right and the top left yellow is rapidly 
> blinking and the lower left red is on. It appears they are communicating.
> 4. I launch GCS and get screen (expected at this point) and 
> no telemetry...not expected.
> I have successfully used 9600bps and everything worked. Just now nothing with 
> 57600. Any ideas? Surely all who have changed from 9600bps to 57600 and to 
> the API protocol have had to do this same thing.
> Is there anything I can send to help with the debugging I didn't list? 
> Bootloade and programming go without any issues.
> Regards,
> David Conger

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