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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Tuning question

From: Pascal Brisset
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Tuning question
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 07:48:16 +0200
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Hi Toby,

the value you see in the GYRO_RATES messages takes into acount the ADC_ROLL_NEUTRAL_VALUE, by subtracting it to the measured value. So if the neutral is set to 520 and you get -25, you have to change the neutral to 495.


TurboTas wrote:
Hi All,

Apologies, another question.  I hope this one has not been answered many times 
already.  I've searched the wiki and the last 40 or so digests but nothing 

I'm trying to grab the neutrals from the airframe to put into the airframe 
file, but I'm having trouble working out what math I need to do:

As an example, for the Gyro, I have 3 variables available in the GYRO_RATES 
messages, Roll_ADC, Roll and pitch.  Roll_ADC is averaging out at about -25 .  
the other two don't seem too useful for neutrals.

I can't work out how to equate this to the neutrals that I need: 
ADC_Roll_Neutral and ADC_Temp_Neutral.  The default for ADC_Roll Neutral is 
520, so I'm not sure if the right thing to do is replace 520 with -25 or if I'm 
missing an important point?

If I can work this out, I guess the steps for the 3 IR sensors will be similar! 
 I thought start with a single axis sensor first ;-)

Any comments would be gratefully appreciated.

PS, Any Paparazzi users in South East UK be interested in a meet up for mutual 
aid, tune ups and flying?


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