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[Paparazzi-devel] USB bootloader

From: Scott Morken
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] USB bootloader
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 23:06:41 -0700
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I have installed and I am working with the Paparazzi USB bootloader on an LPC2148.

I was wondering if there is any way to force the bootloader device off the USB bus once the bootloading is complete. What I mean by this is, in Windows, you see the bootloader device shown in the device manager when you plug it in, and when I say force it off the bus I mean that this installed device disappears.

The reason I want to do this is because my application code starting at 0x4000 also has USB functionality, and currently the only way to get it running is to unplug the device, change the bootload/application jumper and plug it back in. I was hoping to make an application where I can jump back to the bootloader for program updates, and then after the update the bootloader jumps to application and the application's USB stack initializes properly.

Any tips?


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