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[Paparazzi-devel] Boot CD Howto - updated for XMAS 2008 version

From: Martin P
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Boot CD Howto - updated for XMAS 2008 version
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 19:54:02 +0100

Hi, everybody! 

It was time that I updated my Howto. 
However, the XMAS 2008 version was not love on first sight. 

So I left the previous version intact. Partially because I like Knoppix very 
much, and partially because some people like my famous statement on the 
"knoppix nopcmcia" option very much ;-) 

First I tried the CD on my (old but only one) desktop computer. I couldn't go 
beyond a screen resolution of 800x600 which is not enough. Previously, when I 
installed Ubuntu on this machine, I was offered a driver which I installed and 
then it worked. 

Next I tried the CD on my wife's laptop and had 1280x800 out of the box. 

I was eager to see Google maps on the GCS, but how to connect to the internet? 
When I used ADSL, I had to use pptp (not pppoe). Now I use a mobile modem and 
use to dial in with gnome-ppp or kppp. Knoppix has them both, Ubuntu doesn't 
have them. 

With a little fiddling around I managed to start the internet connection with 
pppconfig and pon. The modem wasn't detected, but I knew how to find out with 

Furthermore, Knoppix has Open Office and other things which may come in handy. 

What I do not yet know is, how to save a flightplan, i.e. how to make a device 
writable. Okay, it will probably work on the command line with remount. 

Well, I am using the live CD right now. I am connected to the internet, as you 
will have guessed. And I have seen my favorite airfield in the simulator. 
The Howto is here:

Greetings, Martin 


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