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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Problem of Tiny2.11 board, ADC and LPC2148, needs

From: David Carlson
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Problem of Tiny2.11 board, ADC and LPC2148, needs help
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 18:32:02 +0300
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The LPC2148 should get mildly warm after a while. Definitely not hot after a few minutes. Sounds like something is sinking a lot of current. Have you followed the traces and made sure there are no shorts? Are any of your ADCs working?

Just a few ideas to check

童磊 wrote:

I got my Tiny2.11 bundle from PPZUAV,unfortunately with three faulty ir_sensors.I found out later it was because they'd been soldered with broken AD8551.I replaced the AD and fixed the sensors. Then I found the ADC_0 was not working at all.When I connected the vertical sensors to IR_V,the message window showed 0 and never changed,but a voltage around 1.625 could be measured from both ADC_0 and pin 1 on LPC2148,changing with temperature.I tried IR_V on ADC_5,with sensors covered in foam and neutral set to 0,the message reading was 484.Then I changed the neutral to 484,but the reading was not 0 but 241,no way to get a 0. When tested with ADC_3,with neutral set to 0 I got -772,but I got around 0 only when neutral was set to 512,couldn't explain why.I tested with ADC_6 and ADC_4 too,got readings about -136 and -768.I have no idea why the result were like this,everything seemed to be OK before they went into LPC2148,but the output were wrong.

I did another test,unpluged everything and checked the readings.The results were:ADC_0,ADC_5,ADC_6----0,with a voltage of 0V;ADC_1,ADC_2,ADC_3.ADC_4-----varied from 50 to 700,with a voltage varied from 0.1V~0.6v.I don't why there were still readings and even voltages on pin when nothing went in.

Another thing,the LPC2148 got somehow hot when running for a few minutes,was that normal?

Needs help with the strange results of the ADC.Since PPZUAV won't ship to China,I can't sent it back for replacement.I have to fixed it myself.



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