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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Funjet1.xml airframe software questions.

From: Stephen L Hulme
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Funjet1.xml airframe software questions.
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 15:50:36 +1200

Dear Pascal
With the following Futaba 7CAP ~radio.xml settings the motor ran at full speed when I switched to AUTO2 when the throttle was killed.
Equally the throttle strip recorded 0% after this action.
However the motor also ran at fullspeed when I switched back to AUTO 1 and the transmitter throttle was set to zero towards me.
I have assumed that a min reading for the RC throttle pulse width is the same as down pitch (i.e. gimbal stick pointing away from my body in flight stance).
As described here:
I am not sure if I should reverse the RC transmitter throttle min/max levels and leave the funjet1.xml settings as they are now (see below) upon getting this result from your previous instructions/questions.
Your help in this matter is welcome.
Thanks very much
<!DOCTYPE radio SYSTEM "radio.dtd">
 <radio name="SLHT7cap" data_min="900" data_max="2100" sync_min="5000" sync_max="15000">
  <channel ctl="right_stick_horiz" function="ROLL" min="1939" neutral="1525" max="1114" average="0"/>
  <channel ctl="right_stick_vert" function="PITCH" min="1112" neutral="1518" max="1937" average="0"/>
  <channel ctl="left_stick_vert" function="THROTTLE" min="1944" neutral="1944" max="1111" average="0"/> 
  <channel ctl="left_stick_horiz" function="YAW" min="1944" neutral="1519" max="1111" average="0"/>
  <channel ctl="switch_D" function="CALIB" min="981" neutral="1528" max="2074" average="1"/>
  <channel ctl="dial1" function="GAIN1" min="963" neutral="1521" max="2078" average="1"/>
  <channel ctl="switch_G" function="MODE" min="963" neutral="1519" max="2074" average="1"/>

Pascal Wrote:
Hi Stephen,

what happen when you switch to AUTO2 with throttle killed (first blocks of the basic.xml flight plan for example) ? Does your motor run full throttle ?
If not, it is the radio configuration which is reversed. Which model are you using ?


Stephen L Hulme wrote:
*2)* I reversed the funjet1.xml command section as follows to get the surfaces moving in the right direction from the RC transmitter as set out here:
<!-- commands section -->
<servo name="MOTOR" no="0" min="2000" neutral="2000" max="1000"/>
<servo name="AILEVON_LEFT" no="2" min="1880" neutral="1500" max="1130"/>
<servo name="AILEVON_RIGHT" no="6" min="1170" neutral="1515" max="1980"/>
Unfortunately the throttle strip setting always reads the reverse of the RC transmitter throttle stick position and the actions of the motor.
Motor off stick towards me -100% reading. and vice versa.
Can I change this?
Stephen .


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