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RE: RE: RE: [Paparazzi-devel]intersemabarometric sensor and sht humidity

From: Cédric Marzer
Subject: RE: RE: RE: [Paparazzi-devel]intersemabarometric sensor and sht humidity sensor
Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 23:12:39 +0200

Hello Martin,
Thank you once again for your help. 
I have been able to connect the barometric sensor that now shows nice curves
for the temperature and for the pressure.
Unfortunately things don't look so easy for the humidity sensor.
I have connected it to the pins 0.2 and 0.3 and have the same setup as the
funjetgif8. It compiles and runs ok but the values I get don't make sense (I
get for instance 0.1 for the humidity and 612.4 for the temperature and
65535 for ihumid and itemp). The board probably reads only 1's.
So I guess that there must be a problem either with the configuration or the
sensor or the tiny board.
About the configuration : is there anything that one needs to do to make
sure the pins are turned into output resp. input ? 
There are pull up resistors on both pins, is that ok ? The datasheet for the
sht11 only shows pull up for the data line. I have tried to use another pin
that doesn't have pull ups and I get zero's instead of 65535. Maybe the
sht11 is just dead...
So I'll probably order another sht11 (or rather an sht75). But before I get
it I want to make sure the setup is correct. Any suggestion ?
Thanks in advance 

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