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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Adding module to GCS?

From: Steven Wawryk
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Adding module to GCS?
Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 18:25:38 +0930
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Hi Pascal,

You're right - my question wasn't very clear because I didn't know enough to know what to ask. But you did a very good job of answering it.

It probably wouldn't be worth your adding different coordinates, because our needs are fairly specialized and probably not in keeping with the general nature of paparazzi. For example I will try to have keyboard-only text entry because our pointing device will be awkward.

The stand-alone app with comms over the Ivy bus looks very interesting. I'm reading up about the Ivy bus and the C examples right now. I expect that you meant conf/messages.xml rather than conf/conf.xml for message field descriptions?

In the example you gave (joe MOVE_WAYPOINT 3 2 43.123 1.345 250), what is the "joe" field?

Because the MOVE_WAYPOINT message takes latitude and longitude fields, the app would need to get the flight plan reference latitude and longitude from the ground system to convert from bearing and range. I can't see any message defined in conf/messages.xml that has these fields. How could the app get this data?

Thanks for your helpful suggestions,

address@hidden wrote:

there is currently no possible entry through papgets. I'm not sure I understand 
what you want exactly. But if you
are ready to develop a standalone application to do it, commnications over the 
Ivy bus would may be enough

For example, if you want to move a waypoint, you will just have to send a 
message like
  joe MOVE_WAYPOINT 3 2 43.123 1.345 250
to the Ivy bus (description of the fields of the message is in conf/conf.xml). 
This message will be handled by the server and forwarded to the aircraft. 
Waypoints ids are available in your var/ACNAME/flight_plan.h

There are examples of connection in C to the Ivy bus in 

If you just need another kind of coordinates, it is maybe simple and I could 
add the feature to the GCS waypoint editor ... Let me know


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Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Adding module to GCS?


I would like to be able to allow the operator to enter coordinates as bearing and range of a waypoint using the keyboard. Something like the existing waypoint editor, but using different coordinates, and it needs to always be done at the beginning of the flight plan. I found some reference to graphical objects at, but there's not much detail on how to use this, and OCAML is very cryptic to me.

Is there any good documentation on adding functionality (modules?) to the GCS?

I would also be happy to write a separate application in C if necessary, but I don't know how to get the data into the GCS. Can the GCS read data from a file?


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