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[Paparazzi-devel] Paparazzi for a Quadrotor

From: Jean-Claude Zunino
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Paparazzi for a Quadrotor
Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 14:16:07 +0200

Hello all,
This is my first message here.
I am French and discovered recently on the web UAV models and Autopilots for amateurs.
I like electronics projects and have also in the past practiced a little R/C models( not a lot of airplanes ...)
I found the "Paparazzi" open source autopilot and was very impressed by your work.
Congratulations to all the persons who worked on this project.
Although I am more an "hardware" than "software" guy, I have some basic skills in programmation/software(like Linux for example...)
I think you system is very powerful and has a lot of great features.
I am surfing on the Web to gather and learn lot of interesting and exciting skills involved on such a great project.
I would like to build a quadrotor and use Paparazzi autopilot for it.
I looked on your wiki and only found a few references to quadrotors :
- a summary and some nice pictures of the "Nova" quadrotor from Anton Kochevar
I sent an email to him to get building plans and information's.
- 2 others users in Europe
X-MicroDrones Paris, France Tiny 2.11, Quad-Tilt-Rotor VTOL 2008 Wiring completed, first flights soon... We're trying to adapt Paparazzi to a Quad-Tilt-Rotor VTOL able to perform both airplane-like and helicopter-like flights. Working on inertial measurement units implementation
FelixR Edinburgh, Scotland Booz2 quadrotor 2008 remote controlled flight, working on Kalman Filter
I would like to ask you the following questions :
I was able to see in the source code the "BOOZ" section under paparazzi3/sw/airborne/
1)Is the latest version of Paparazzi software supporting Quadrotors ?
2)Are all the features supported ?
If not,  could you please describe which are the ones I can use ?
3)Could you explain how to use and connect an IMU to the Tiny V2.0 ?
3)I saw in the HW section of CVS that you developed 2 years ago (if I remember well ..) an IMU for Paparazzi.
Do you plan to release an open source HW IMU soon or do you recommend to use a DIY IMU ?
4)Do you have some documentation , even if it is preliminary or draft for all aspects of  Paparazzi usage with quadrotors  ?
I am thinking about flight simulation if available, tests and validation of the IMU, user guide or workbook......etc...
Thanks in advance for your time reading my long message and for your help to get me started.
Best regards,  Jean-Claude

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