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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] First power-up of Autopilot OK, some questions

From: David Conger
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] First power-up of Autopilot OK, some questions
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 10:15:30 -0700


For #3 take a look here on my RCGroups thread. I had hoped this info would make it to the Wiki eventually:

For #4 take a look here:
Likely (guessing) your makefile declaration is for a Tiny2.1 not Tiny2.11 where the resistor bridge value needs to be modified to report the proper voltage. It's done in software and easiest to just use the right inclusion per the reply on the post I give above. FYI: TWOG and Tiny2.11 use the same declaration|value.

For #5 are you sure you used the pinout for the autopilot and then modified the funjet1.xml to associate the proper servo ports? Pinouts for Tiny2.11/TWOG are on the Wiki:
TINY 2.11:
Servo code section in funjet1.xml:
"<!-- commands section -->
<servo name="MOTOR" no="0" min="1000" neutral="1000" max="2000"/> <servo name="AILEVON_LEFT" no="2" min="1130" neutral="1500" max="1880"/> <servo name="AILEVON_RIGHT" no="6" min="1980" neutral="1515" max="1170"/>
"no=" is the value given in the pinout for the "SRV0" or "SRV1" ..."SRV7".

Hope this helps.

-David Conger

On May 26, 2009, at 1:46 AM, Martin P wrote:

Hello all!

With your help, I made some progress. Thanks again. Not surprisingly, more questions have arisen.

1) Xbee:
I got a pair of 2,4GHz xbee's for at least until the duty cycle issue is solved. Maybe it is even illegal to use more than 10% duty cycle with the xbee 868. The 2G4 modems work great, so far.

2) Calibrating the IR's:
I put the sensors in a styrofoam box and got the readings from the messages window. The horizontals were around 300, while the vertical was zero and increased slowly. They all drifted. Is this normal? If yes, should I wait until they stop drifting or should I take the inital values, or average?

3) IR sensor orientation
I'll probably find out which thermopile is which, but I did not find any hint on this. Which one is the top, which is the bottom? Which is the fore, aft, left and right sensor? I mean mechanically, for mounting on the airframe.

4) Battery voltage:
I connected a 3S lipo battery with roughly 12V, but the GCS reports something like 8V and in the terminal section I get messages like catastrophic lo batt voltage.
Do I have to adjust something?

5) Servos:
I tapped the receiver and I am able to switch to manual, auto1 and auto2 modes with the transmitter. I connected a servo and expected to be able to control it in manual mode by moving the transmitter sticks.
Tried different servo connectors on the Tiny, no luck.

I am using the original funjet1.xml (which I will have to change because I will not (yet) fly a Funjet). In the messages window, I can see that the actuators react to the movement of the sticks. Tried to see the PWM signals on the scope. Did not see any pulses, all of the servo signal pins were constantly hi.

Since I was indoors, I did not have a fix. Do I have to wait until I get a fix before attempting to control the servos?

Greetz, Martin

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