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[Paparazzi-devel] RE: hitl

From: Ana García
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] RE: hitl
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 09:56:08 +0200

Hello Gautier,
the running agents are:
.../simulator/simhitl -a HITL -noground -boot
.../tmtc/link -s 57600
I have selected the hitl.xml telemetry file. In order to receive the GPS message, I have included it in the .xml. For all the parameters I get 0.
With the -c datalink I can see the HITL-IR and the HITL_UBX. They have no nulls.
Another things I have changed in order to perform the HITL:
-in the basic flight plan, I have selected my lat, long coordinates: 40.487028 -3.668841
-in the aircraft file, I have added the following line, as it appears in the wiki:
I don't know if I have to add a #in the other GPS configuration line I have in my aircraft file:
ap.srcs += gps_ubx.c gps.c latlong.c
I don't know which is the difference between U and D, and if everything above is well written.
I have also tried to perform the 9600 serial session, but with modems, changing the baudrate to 57600, but it always stays in the WAIT GPS block. I have tried to obtain the GPS signal locating the tiny out of the window, watching blue-sky, but after a minute or so, the GPS window in the GCS becomes all white(and before there was no searching signal). I have tried the coldstart reset, and it occurs nothing.
Finally, I have not tried the USB-hitl. Can I try it with a conventional USB(only D+, D-, GND and Vbus?(I have read about an especial  powered development board).
I don't know what can I do.

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