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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] ArduIMU on Wiki

From: David Conger
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] ArduIMU on Wiki
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2010 11:30:06 -0700

Awesome, thank you for clarifying. The Tiny211 I was not seeing GPS info but I 
was also indoors so I will try closer to a window. The TWOG I will connect a 
Paparazzi GPS to it. 

Do you think the delay in the GCS display for attitude is normal? I guess I'll 
soon find out. I'm trying hard to get this into a FunJet or Merlin. Prefer the 
Merlin but there is so little room in there. 

On Nov 3, 2010, at 10:59 PM, Martin Mueller wrote:

> Hi David,
> it is in (3) of
> "This Guide/Software is made to use the ArduIMU without separate GPS-Receiver 
> and without Compass/Magnetometer. The GPS-Data is sent by the Tiny 2.11 over 
> I2C to the IMU. "
> Martin
> On 04.11.2010 06:30, David Conger wrote:
>> All,
>> Some more questions...and observations.
>> What of the GPS? The ArduIMU has a connector for a GPS and the code in the 
>> AHRS uses GPS to do yaw corrections I believe. I have right now the GPS 
>> connected to the ArdduIMU but do not see messages for GPS in the GCS.
>> Are my observations correct that the ArduIMU is to be used without the GPS 
>> or do I need two GPS to fly with. One for ArduIMU and one for Paparazzi?
>> I'll take a photo of my setup tomorrow. I have a YouTube video up of my 
>> current setup here:
>> It seems a bit slow. I'll be curious to see if this is not an issue in 
>> flight.
>> -David
>> On Nov 2, 2010, at 9:16 AM, Martin Mueller wrote:
>>> Hi David,
>>> with the Arduino debug plug pointing forward in flight and parts up the 
>>> directions work ok for me. Maybe it is the earth horizon moving the other 
>>> way than the aircraft?
>>> Martin
>>> On 02.11.2010 05:07, David Conger wrote:
>>>> Hi Martin,
>>>> With your help I have a Tiny2.11 with an ArduIMU connected to the I2C 
>>>> port. I followed the Wiki and am using your airframe suggested with the 
>>>> exception that I also commented the ADC IR values and set the modem to 
>>>> transparent.
>>>> Holding the IMU with the arrows on the IMU for X,Y,Z I see pitch in the 
>>>> PFD is shown correctly. However the roll is reversed. If this was an 
>>>> airframe with IR I would change the sign for: LATERAL_CORRECTION in the 
>>>> INFRARED section. As expected there is no INFRARED section. I sure could 
>>>> use a LATERAL_CORRECTION value to modify though :)
>>>> Is there a way I do not see to reverse the roll? Before doing this I did 
>>>> upload the firmware in SVN for the arduIMU (as per the Wiki).
>>>> BTW, very cool to see IMU data and the PFD artificial horizon responding 
>>>> to the IMU movements. Thank you for all your help so far. I think I am 
>>>> close.
>>>> -David
>>>> On Oct 30, 2010, at 11:26 PM, Martin Mueller wrote:
>>>>> Hi David,
>>>>>> Thanks to the new notes I have a compiled airframe
>>>>>> I would like to try the ArduIMU and followed the steps from the Wiki. 
>>>>>> However there was no mention of this value:
>>>>>>     <subsystem name="attitude"       type="infrared"/>
>>>>>> ...and the IR_ values farther in..
>>>>>> Can someone help. If I do  not have IR and am flying with ArduIMU what 
>>>>>> becomes of those values? Removing them all brings compile errors. 
>>>>>> Leaving them without any IR sensors won't cause issues?
>>>>>> Would it be possible for someone who is flying with IMU to post their 
>>>>>> airframe to SVN or in a reply? vn100 or ArduIMU or even Booz IMU.
>>>>> you might try airframes/mm/fixed-wing/fw_ins_arduimu.xml. The infrared 
>>>>> must be removed at the moment not to have two software parts update the 
>>>>> estimator. Did you use settings/tuning_ins.xml as mentioned in (4)?
>>>>> Martin
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