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[Paparazzi-devel] "re:current sensor"

From: Ana García Álvarez
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] "re:current sensor"
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2010 22:26:41 +0100

thank you felix. I had not completely defined the makefile lines. Now it works. I haven't still moved to the new firmware structure, I'll do it in the next weeks(i'm working with new hardware and would like to test it with the older structure before moving).

I was trying to enable the adc voltage info, but it stays fixed to 25.8V(also if I remove the current sensor and use the basic configuration milliampatfullthrottle). I don't know if my board has any problem or if it is a configuration problem(I have another board where the same configuration files do work).
 I have also tried with the ADC_GENERIC but don't know if I'm doing the things well, because I get an ERROR:
-in the airframe file:
<section name="adc" prefix="ADC_CHANNEL_">
<...adcs ir>
<define name="ADC_GENERIC1" value="ADC_3"/>
<define name="ADC_GENERIC2" value="ADC_4"/>
<define name="ADC_NB_SAMPLES" value="16"/>
-then, in the makefile section of the airframe file:
ap.srcs = adc_generic.c
-finally, in the telemetry file I add a line in the ap generic:
<message name="ADC_GENERIC" period="1"/>

I get the error only if I define the message, I guess I'm declaring wrong variables, but after looking in same files like main_fbw.c or adc_generic.c I don't know what would work.

I am flying with two batteries, one for the motor and one for the ap, and would like to monitor the status of the two. I have thought I could do it via the adc_generic for the motor for instance, and using the common "milliampatfullthrottle" method with the ap. Could it work?
Sorry if I am not providing the hole files but I haven't them here with me.

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