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[Paparazzi-devel] New airframe file.

From: Helge Walle
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] New airframe file.
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2011 21:21:41 +0100

While writing a new airframe file for my Funjet, a few questions arise:

Horizontal control
<define name="ROLL_RATE_GAIN" value="-1500"/>
Is this line important in my airframe file as long as I don't have a gyro?

I also use the line   <define name="ROLL_ATTITUDE_GAIN" value="-7400"/>    and I have IR-sensors only for attitude sensing.

ETS airspeed sensor
I would like to implement this, but first only for measuring.
I will then have <define name="MEASURE_AIRSPEED"/> in the firmware section.

Should I comment the following lines out?

    <define name="AUTO_AIRSPEED_SETPOINT" value="14.5" unit="m/s"/>
    <define name="AUTO_AIRSPEED_PGAIN" value="0.060"/>
    <define name="AUTO_AIRSPEED_IGAIN" value="0.050"/>
    <define name="AUTO_GROUNDSPEED_SETPOINT" value="6.0" unit="m/s"/>
    <define name="AUTO_GROUNDSPEED_PGAIN" value="0.75"/>
    <define name="AUTO_GROUNDSPEED_IGAIN" value="0.25"/>

<define name="ALT_KALMAN_ENABLED" value="TRUE"/>
In which situations is it preferable to set this value to "FALSE"?

Thanks for any replies,


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