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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Default targets for modules

From: Gautier Hattenberger
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Default targets for modules
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 10:13:26 +0100
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It is now possible to add targets to the default (ap and sim).
You can use the "target" attribute with the "modules" node. It will add the list of targets to all the modules. Or you can do it with the "load" node and it will only affect the selected module. The extra targets are only added to the modules makefile section that doesn't set a specific target.

<modules target="bla|boo">  --> add bla and boo to all modules
<load name="__.xml" target="foo"/>  --> add foo to this module only
if __.xml has a section <makefile target="xxx"> the extra targets will not be added (because these parts are usually hardware specific, so extra targets should be added by hand inside the modules)


On 04/01/2011 11:53, Andreas Gaeb wrote:
Hi Gautier,

Am 04.01.2011 10:31, schrieb Gautier Hattenberger:
Actually, I would prefer not adding jsbsim to the default targets. I
think it is better to keep the default values to a minimal set.
But I can do something like allowing to write target="+jsbsim" to add a
target to the default list. I can also add this option at the airframe
level:<load module="xxx" target="+jsbsim"/>
What would be the most convenient ?
The option should be at the airframe level, I'd say. Your suggestion
looks good to me, an alternative could be to add a default_targets="..."
attribute to the<modules>  tag. Both should work for me.

Best regards,

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