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[Paparazzi-devel] NPS Simulator: IMU Simulation

From: Matthew Plymale
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] NPS Simulator: IMU Simulation
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 19:29:41 -0800

So if I wanted to use this ins_vn100 module, which subsystem would it override, if any? Would I still need to include the imu, ins and ahrs subsystems in my aircraft configuration file? I ask because NPS demands the use of an IMU in its simulation (that provides the imu_feed_mag etc.) so could the VN100 module be used for simulation as well?

The second part of the equation is: if the VN-100 is better used as an AHRS than an IMU, would I no longer need to use the IMU interface (since the VN-100 would supposedly give me the exact yaw pitch roll values needed)?

Trying out the ins_vn100 module conflicts with the VN100 IMU subsystem I have written obviously, so one would have to take precedence.
Hi Matthew,

I'm not really familiar with the VN-100, just had a quick look and if I'm
correct it is not an IMU but an AHRS.
You apparently implemented it as an imu subsystem? So do you just get the
calibrated and scaled values from the vn100 or do you read out the already
estimated angles?
If it is the latter, it should probably adhere to the ahrs interface and be
an ahrs subsystem, if you read the sensor values it should be an imu

Now about the ins_vn100 module, I believed it is currently only used for
fixedwings. Gautier knows more on this.
This was created before we started merging rotorcraft support properly and
should be renamed to ahrs_vn100 and also use the ahrs interface.

There are currently some functions in fw_ins_v100.c to use it with
fixedwings (update the soon to be deprecated estimator we still have).
Hopefully we will have a proper state interface (position, attitude, etc.)
and we can get rid of this.
Then we can use all IMUs, AHRS, INS things for fixedwings and rotorcrafts.

Cheers, Felix

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