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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] New airframe file.

From: Felix Ruess
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] New airframe file.
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 23:33:41 +0100

Hi Helge,

Horizontal control
<define name="ROLL_RATE_GAIN" value="-1500"/>
Is this line important in my airframe file as long as I don't have a gyro?

I also use the line   <define name="ROLL_ATTITUDE_GAIN" value="-7400"/>    and I have IR-sensors only for attitude sensing.
ROLL_RATE_GAIN only makes sense if you have a gyro. If you don't have gyro the estimated roll rate (estimator_p) is zero anyways and hence it does not matter what you have set for ROLL_RATE_GAIN.
ROLL_ATTITUDE_GAIN is the correct one to use (it is the gain for the attitude error).
If you do not have ROLL_ATTITUDE_GAIN defined, ROLL_PGAIN is used instead. This amounts to the same thing as ROLL_ATTITUDE_GAIN without a gyro if you do not have RATE_LOOP defined.

I guess we should really clean this up!???
There were new controls introduced, but in such a way to not break older configurations. But I think at some point we should clean this up again so the configuration actually makes sense. But if we do this, it means that old configurations will have to be updated.

ETS airspeed sensor
I would like to implement this, but first only for measuring.
I will then have <define name="MEASURE_AIRSPEED"/> in the firmware section.

Should I comment the following lines out?

    <define name="AUTO_AIRSPEED_SETPOINT" value="14.5" unit="m/s"/>
    <define name="AUTO_AIRSPEED_PGAIN" value="0.060"/>
    <define name="AUTO_AIRSPEED_IGAIN" value="0.050"/>
    <define name="AUTO_GROUNDSPEED_SETPOINT" value="6.0" unit="m/s"/>
    <define name="AUTO_GROUNDSPEED_PGAIN" value="0.75"/>
    <define name="AUTO_GROUNDSPEED_IGAIN" value="0.25"/>

Yes, if you only use it for measurement you should comment that out, as that is only used for airspeed/groundspeed control.

<define name="ALT_KALMAN_ENABLED" value="TRUE"/>
In which situations is it preferable to set this value to "FALSE"?

Hm... not really sure, if for some reason you don't want the altitude filtered...

Cheers, Felix

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