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[Paparazzi-devel] re: joystick begginings

Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] re: joystick begginings
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 09:04:37 +0200


Now I can see joystick messages with ivyprobe. Of course I had launched input2ivy, but using the associated xml file I had only defined one button in the joystick to react and I did not touch it, but now  I have identified every axis and button in my usb-radio and every one of them sends messages according to ivyprobe.


I have noticed the ‘on event’ command, so it sends the info ‘value’ when I touch it. Then I  have tried without ‘on event’ and I can see joystick info in ivyprobe too.


Then, I’d like to see my servos reacting to these commands. I have associated the no id in the joystick.xml file with a servo no in the airframe file. I have modified the ‘value’ in the SET_ACTUATORS message of the joystick.xml file in order to obtain a number in the range of the servo section in my airframe file(1300-2000), something like ‘1000-(60+axis1)*45’(writing by heart), and without the default (axis1, 1000, 2000) which I don’t understand very well. (Are these two things correct?, Could I use any other message to send this info to the ap?(I have noticed the RC_3CH id.51, maybe this one?)

I think the servos move only once when I touch the joystick, and if I keep moving an axis continuously, they don’t react at all. I don’t know what step should I follow now. I launch my default session, with my files, and the target ap, then I launch input2ivy and ivyprobe. I have commented the rc commands section and have suppressed the command laws, just one command for one servo (simplifying the tests?).

I have also tried with the target setup_actuators, but cannot build and as I have previously written, I don’t understand this target.



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