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[Paparazzi-devel] success and bugreports

From: gatib
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] success and bugreports
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2012 11:39:57 +0200
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Dear all!

I successfully upgraded to Branch 4.0 and I did the integration of the
led_cam_ctrl module in the OSAMnav module to shoot pictures in regular
distance intervals independent from wind speed. It works great in sitl
simulation! Big thx for the developer of the photogrammetry calculator
module (Christophe), the digital camera module and the advanced navigation
routine (OSAM)! The xsens module in the simulation works also flawless!
Again big thx for Felix, Christophe and all the paparazzi team!

Of course some minor bugs had to be managed. I am not too familiar yet
with the developing philosophy of paparazzi and the usage of the git, so I
report my findings here.

-If I define LOITER_TRIM, the elevator deflects full down slowly in 2-3
seconds just after the powering of the TWOG. Maybe it is a bug because if
I use a paparazzi version from January 2012 the elevator works fine.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any reason in the loiter() function.

- conf/settings/modules/photogrammetry_calculator.xml Line7: the unit is
degree instead of radian:
   <dl_setting ..... param="PHOTOGRAMMETRY_SWEEP_ANGLE" unit="deg"
I don't know if the "alt_unit" should be deleted or changed to "rad"

- I attached the led_cam_ctrl.h modified by me in order to use it with a
small compact 10megapixel Canon camera with CHDK. The modified lines are
marked with "rht".
   1. Line 101: I think DC_ON is correct instead of DC_POWER
   2. in order to give time to the camera to set focus and exposure, I
apply DC_SHUTTER_DELAY=10 quarterseconds. I commented line 88 out and
added Line129-131 in order to send the shot position message in the
time the exposure really happens.


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