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[Paparazzi-devel] U-Blox 4 config test flights

From: Marc Schwarzbach
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] U-Blox 4 config test flights
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2012 19:52:21 +0200


as stated before, the performance of the Navilok Lea 4 with the Ublox config 
module was bad..
Today I could fly again and changed the module. EGNOS switched off, the mode to 
4g Air (from 2g).
Now the performance seemes like earlier, when configured with the offline tool. 
Altitude and climb look good in the log and visually in the flight.

The accuracy indicators are also beer, compared to the earlier flights.

My guess is the reason is Lea4 does not work well with EGNOS. Accelerations 
more then 2g are not happening in the flights...

I can only test for this module 
( and for this, the 
configuration should be changed. For others, tests should be performed!
Question now is how to implement. Parameters for the module? If its a general 
Lea4 problem it could be implemented automatically?



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