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[Paparazzi-devel] stm32 how to make UART5 rx pin a led pin

From: Chris
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] stm32 how to make UART5 rx pin a led pin
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2012 13:51:55 +0300
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I just finished reading the STM32 manual and the paparazzi code and now i feel that i know how the internals of LISA work.
I do have a problem though with leds.
I edited the lisa_m_2.0.h file and added LED 13 which is connected to UART5 Rx pin
#define LED_13_GPIO GPIOD
#define LED_13_GPIO_CLK RCC_APB2Periph_GPIOD
#define LED_13_GPIO_PIN GPIO_Pin_2
#define LED_13_AFIO_REMAP ((void)0)

and the led.h
#if USE_LED_13
  LED_INIT(13); // The led pin is initialized in "led_hw.h"
#endif /* LED_13 */

Now when i test them from the flight plan like this:
    <block name="Wait GPS">
      <call fun="LED_ON(12)"/>
      <call fun="LED_ON(13)"/>
      <set value="1" var="kill_throttle"/>

only the first LED_ON(x) is working in this case the LED 12 which goes low.
The other one remains on a high state.
If i reverse the order that they appear in the flight plan then LED 13 is working
and LED 12 is left high when it should be in a low state.
It almost looks like an STM32 bug or i am missing something here.
UART 5 is not used of course.

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