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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Help needed in using Tinyv.211(ap) and TWOG (logge

From: Zhang Qiuchen
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Help needed in using Tinyv.211(ap) and TWOG (logger) for logging data into SD Card
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 15:34:15 +0000

Hello everyone,

My name is Autumn and I'm working on a paparazzi UAV project. I'm new to the 
forum and I really appreciate need help from all of you guys (and girls) and 
love to share experience with you. So there is a general problem that I'm 
facing now.

I already have a  tiny_v2.11 board with a working autopilot. The code I'm 
currently using is campaign2011 on Martin Mueller's branch. The modem (Xbee) is 
connect to the serial port (UART1) and is transmitting data to the receiver 
correctly. Now I want to add a TWOG board with a 2GB SD card connected to the 
SPI port of the board. The sole propose of the mcu on the TWOG is to take the 
telemetry data and store them into the SD card. I want to use the file 
logger_sd_twog.xml as the airframe file, but it wouldn't build (I include the 
source code in the bottom of this message since it is fairly short). My 
question is, is there a xml file to downlaod that will do what I want, in for 
source code campaign 2011? If not, how should I build this file? As in, I'm 
planning to connect the serial port (uart1) on the Tiny board (master) to the 
download port (uart0) on the TWOG (slave), and connect the modem to the serial 
port on the TWOG (slave). How should I tell the TWOG to take data from the 
download port and push it to the SD card?

This is the first thing that I want to implement. Later on, I also want to pick 
selected sensor outputs (just the IMU and pressure sensor for example) and 
increase the sampling frequency and  store them in the SD card. But right now, 
I have lots of difficulties in dealing with codes from different versions which 
ain't compatible with each other. And I don't have a flowchart of what I need 
to code to implement these tasks. So any help from the general logic to 
specific code or how to deal with different versions are highly appreciated.

Thank you very much,
Autumn Zhang

There is the code for logger_sd_twog.xml:

<!DOCTYPE airframe SYSTEM "../../airframe.dtd">


    SD card connected to TWOG, stop button on PPM_IN, XBee 57600


<airframe name="Logger">

  <firmware name="logger">
    <target name="ap" board="tiny_2.11" >
      <configure name="LOG_MSG_FMT" value="LOG_XBEE"/>
      <configure name="SPI_CHANNEL" value="1" />
      <configure name="UART0_BAUD" value="B57600" />
      <configure name="UART1_BAUD" value="B57600" />
      <configure name="LOG_STOP_KEY" value="6" />


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