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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Newbee question Apogee or KroozSD

From: David Conger
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Newbee question Apogee or KroozSD
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2013 21:42:12 +0000 (GMT)

Hello All,

PPZUAV will for sure carry Apogee PCBs and assemblies. When the announcement was made the files were downloaded from the Wiki page and PCBs and BOM ordered. PCBs for the first prototypes have arrived. I am just waiting on the BOM parts to start making some assemblies.

Keep an eye on the web store and the Get Hardware Page for PPZUAV for notice that the PCBs and assemblies are available.

Also as with all Paparazzi things the files required to do all this are published for all on the Wiki. This is the great thing with Paparazzi. If you feel it is too expensive to pay for someone else to make them for you then make them yourself. Paparazzi has more options and more customizations than any other project in the World. This is a great thing.

About prices, simple economics. The cost of living varies around the World so prices and wages vary around the world. In all these years I have not been aware of anyone getting rich selling Paparazzi things. I can truly just speak for myself and say that I just sell them for not much more than what it costs to pay the bills and continue to exist as a company. A company has many expenses, taxes, financial obligations that must be passed along.

I would encourage people to consider the economics behind the scenes as you purchase and suggest alternatives purely based on cost. Anyone who says it is "difficult" to get Paparazzi items is incorrectly using the word difficult. It is no more difficult to purchase a Lisa/M, KroozSD or Umarim/NavGo than buying any other autopilot.

Paparazzi was once the only project out there. Now there are several. Some are good examples of how prices drop and resources rise when collectively members support with their purchases those who support the project. Competition is good but remember that unrestricted capitalism at the far end of the scale is a monopoly (i.e. the ultimate goal of that purely capitalistic business). One company is almost there now with another project and already changes are evident (as all Monopolies will ultimately do).

Just my view & .02. as I have been here since 2005 selling only Paparazzi designed PCBs and assemblies to the World. Several companies have risen and fallen when they find that there are many hidden expenses and costs to operating a business. The price can only go so low without volume going up. Granted, PPZUAV could assemble and sell these other open sourced assemblies but has actively not done this. The reason I have not is because I have learned from watching over the years projects that succeed and projects that do not succeed. I am convinced I have been shown focus is the key not try to support everything available.

Back to the good news. Paparazzi is still here and is still the best. Best = most options and flexibility. There are stable, reputable, honest vendors for Paparazzi things that directly and indirectly give much back to the Paparazzi project. All offer assemblies that are extremely high quality and fully supported at prices that are very reasonable considering the quality and complexity. Soon Apogee PCBs and assemblies will be available for everyone. Stay focused everyone. Things are looking very good for the future of Paparazzi.

David Conger / Owner PPZUAV LLC

On Jul 30, 2013, at 08:04 AM, Gautier Hattenberger <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi Alexander,

The Apogee board is very new (public release was two weeks ago). It has been mainly designed for small aircraft and it has been flying only with the fixedwing firmware until now (the rotorcraft firmware should work but we have not tested it yet). As far as I know, the board will be available soon on but their is no official date for that. Maybe David Conger can answer that.

The Krooz board was designed for rotorcraft, especially if you have PWM based ESC since it has a lot of easily accessible standard servo outputs (Apogee has 6+1 pwm on Molex connectors). It also has an integrated OSD chip if you plan to do FPV flight. Sergey Krukowski made this board and he's directly selling them, so you should contact him for availability.

SD card software support is still in development on both boards.

I hope it helps you to make your choice.


Le 30/07/2013 14:04, Alexander Biersack a √©crit :
I would like to start into the multicopter world. And would like to get some hints as to where to start and what to buy.

I have seen the Apogee board, but could not find where to order them, they look very attractive to me. Or should I start with KroozSD? I am daring so I tend to take the risks with the Apogee, or shouldnt I?

The Apogee is also not listed in the feature mix table so I was wondering, is it too new? Still in development?

I am a newbee with a background in math, physics and programming. I have a little experience and understanding of electronics.

Hints and tips also as private messages as to what parts, ESCs, brushless engines, propellers, sources and shops are all welcome. 


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