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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] mailing list vs. forum -> maybe google groups as c

From: Martin Mueller
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] mailing list vs. forum -> maybe google groups as compromise?
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 00:32:14 +0200
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I also don't think a forum would work well for us, but that was not the
question and from most answers it seems pretty clear that a mailing list
is preferred anyway.
Ok, this is of course totally biased as it was already asked on the ml
and answered by people how know/like to use it... but anyway: there is
no intention to move to a forum.

The question is if we get enough benefit from moving to google groups
(importing what we have so far) to justify migrating our current mailing
Google groups is still basically a mailing list, but also allows it to
be nicely browsed and used via the web interface, gives better search
results (at least in my experience).
And you have some features like announcements and sticky posts..

...which all sound like forum features. I am happy with the Wiki for announcements. The need to send an email instead of typing into a web interface is a feature to me. It creates a natural barrier and thereby reduces the number of messages with a small amount of information.

We could also embed a window with the latest posts on the wiki, will
look similar to this:

Maybe I am getting old and this is a generation thingie. Is this really the feature we were desperately looking for and why we should change a perfectly working way of information exchange?

IMHO it is also totally irrelevant if the mailing list is hosted by some
"spy" system like google. All our posts, etc. are already public anyway
and indexed by google (and other search engines)....

Prism is indeed not the issue here. And if it is indexed correctly already it should be perfectly searchable by Google.

The problem I am thinking of is the tendency of companies to move data away from free and open access into closed playgrounds. Or stopping services completely if it does not pay out for them.

If we decide to stay with our current mailing list, adding it to the
gmane archive is certainly a good idea.

Yes, adding more places to store information sounds good.

Where ever the mailing list is hosted (staying with GNU savannah or
moving to google groups or ...), another question is if we should create
another list e.g. paparazzi-users for - well - user discussions about
how to set up airfames, what components to choose, etc.. and use the
paparazzi-devel as a lower volume development discussion list.

We already have discussions on github that are sometimes hard to follow / distinguish from the normal discussion on the mailing list. If we could find a way to integrate this it would be helpful.


On Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 2:17 AM, Eduardo lavratti <address@hidden
<mailto:address@hidden>> wrote:

    BTW, look @ ardupilot forum !
    Tons of amateurs and tons of repeated and useless posts and the
    ardupilot is 10 times easy than PPZ.
    Impossible to find anything in that forum.

    I like PPZ because most of people have a good know-how about the
    autopilot and electronics.
    I am anxious to help in develop for PPZ AP but i past 20 years off
    any kind of professional developing.

    If this good mailing list will be ported to forum i think i will not
    follow it anymore.

    From: address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>
    To: address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>
    Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2013 21:04:03 -0300

    Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] mailing list vs. forum -> maybe
    google groups as compromise?

    i personally not like forum !

    as ex BBS admin i prefer 1000 times the old and good mailing list

     > Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2013 16:41:33 +0200
     > From: address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>
     > To: address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>
     > Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] mailing list vs. forum -> maybe
    google groups as compromise?
     > For personal preferences I would not think we should move the
     > information discussed on the list to spy systems like google or
     > facebook. It can be searched anyhow, but why should we actively
     > work into the hands of such systems. If NSA wants to follow what
     > we are discussing here, we should at least leave the effort to do
     > so to them.
     > Just the 2ct of a citizen of Europe who is upset by the scale in
     > which US intelligence systems intrude into the privacy of Europeans.
     > Regards, Thomas
     > On 09.08.2013 17:17, Felix Ruess wrote:
     > > Hi all,
     > >
     > > the question of a forum came up again lately and since a pure forum
     > > already failed in the past one proposition was to maybe move to
     > > groups, which more or less allows usage as either a normal
    mailing list
     > > (you DON'T need a google account) or in a more forum like style
    via the
     > > web interface.
     > >
     > > Maybe google groups is a bit more accessible for new users than
    the pure
     > > mailing list we have now?
     > > Also searching google groups for previous
    questions/posts/solutions is
     > > probably nicer than searching the current paparazzi-devel archive.
     > >
     > > So what are your thoughts on this? Would it make sense to move the
     > > mailing list to google groups (or something else)? Or maybe use
     > > lists, one for users and one for development discussion?
     > >
     > > Personally I'm fine with either keeping the current
    paparazzi-devel list
     > > or moving to google groups.
     > >
     > > Cheers, Felix
     > >
     > >
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