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[Paparazzi-devel] Contributing to the Paparazzi project - Beginner quest

From: Markus Bina
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Contributing to the Paparazzi project - Beginner questions
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 17:34:23 +0200
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Although I'm a beginner when it comes to RC planes (I flew quadrocopters before; using ardupilot) and paparazzi
I would like to contribute/help out (as a hobby).
Thus I have a few (stupid?) questions and some suggestions.

First I'd like to start by helping out with the wiki first ( and see how it goes from there.

Before actually editing something, I have a few questions about the wiki ( -) On some pages (eg. the XML is in "boxes" with syntax highlighting and on some there is no syntax highlighting (eg.
   Is there a particular reason for this?
-) On some, non board/schematic specific, pages the information is inconsistent*/only valid for a certain board (eg Twog or Lisa), eg. (no info for eg. Lisa M v2.0).
   Am I allowed to change this/add information for other boards?
-) The "beginner pages" are not easy to find and the tutorials seem to be incomplete*. Is there a plan to add more extensive tutorials (like the ones you can find on the transition robotics wiki)? I might want to provide a tutorial (share my experience), what are the rules/recommendations for doing so?
    Shall I extend/finish the existing tutorials?
-) Some pages do not have a TOC. Is it ok if I add TOCs?

General question:
-) I was unable to find a complete and compact documentation/list of all the XML-tags including their "effects".
   Is there such a list?
If not: I would like to help to write such a list. However, with constantly changing code (autopilot code, etc.), the tags and names (attributes/tags/values, which are translated into macros, right?) will imho constantly change too, which in turn requires code developers to update said list everytime they add or change options for users (tag, attribute, ...). Can anyone think of a (semi-)automated way to generate such a list (one html page, maybe)?
   Can doxygen do that somehow?

About the paparazzi source code (available through github):
-) Upon installing the paparazzi-software package, I noticed that paparazzi has quite a lot of dependencies of which most look to be redundant. Less dependencies, imho ease code testing, maintenance and installation. Are there any plans to reduce the number of dependencies and external libraries?

Thanks for reading my long mail. :)


* at least for a rookie like me ;)

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